PLAY IRISH Initiative –

Increasing the amount of Irish Music playlisted on Irish Radio and Streaming Platforms.

How people discover your music can come any number of ways, but the most popular of the them is via radio and streaming platforms. Other reach includes music reviews in print media, increasingly popular music blogs, also playing live where you can be discovered – festivals, as support etc.

For artists wishing to release music and tour, access to radio play is still one of the ultimate goals to reach the most amount of people at the same time, and access to radio playlists means that listeners are hearing your music multiple times, which allows them to decide if they like it enough to stream/purchase/buy tickets to hear you you play live.

Irish radio listening figures tell us 83% of the Irish public are listening to FM radio. Radioplay for your music is important as ever, especially in your own country. Agents, managers and Record Labels all gauge the possibility of future success on how well your music is received by radio and streaming platform playlists, especially in your home territory.

Radiomontior, who track airplay, have definitive figures that tell us just how little new Irish music, let alone new Irish artists, are played on Irish radio stations, especially during the all important peak hours 7am to 7pm.

At the moment, regional radio seem to use national radio as a gauge, and national radio look to  Spotify (and other measurements) as their trend, so ultimately, popular music is being measured by algorithms and this is what influences music on our radio stations. As we don’t have anyone championing Irish music within Spotify, the majority of Irish music is still not getting to the Irish public via radio or online streaming platforms.

Campaign 1 | PLAY IRISH –– to increase access to radio play in Ireland for Irish artists

Radio shows that want to highlight new music can join IASCA and identify as a PLAY IRISH station – where they  choose an Irish Artist of the Week each week, and the chosen song  is played every every day that week

PLAYIRISH on Beat 102-103 – contact Niall Power

PLAYIRISH on Dublin City FM – contact Mick Hanley

PLAY IRISH on KCLRFM – Contact John Keane

PLAY IRISH on Ocean FM – contact Seamie Mac

PLAY IRISH on TodayFM – contact Kate Brennan Harding

Homegrown Heroes on TodayFM – contact

However, Irish people attend gigs/concerts by a vast number of Irish artists not played on radio or streaming platforms, so where are we going wrong? Do we need a live ticket chart? Do radio and streaming platforms need to know how may people in Ireland already support Irish artists and would like to hear them via their chosen radio station and online streaming service?

Please don’t get us wrong, there are supportive DJs on daytime  radio (John Keane at KCLRFM) on  night time radio Paul McCloone/Kare Brennan Harding (TodayFM), Heads of Music (2FM’s Alan Swan) and our brilliant Irish show DJs who genuinely understand how much talent we have and want to tell their listeners,  but the majority of radio stations in Ireland do not playlist new Irish music, which in turn is not getting to the vast majority of listeners…If you haven’t heard it, how will you ever know if you don’t like it?

Irish music covers many many genres – hip hop, pop, rock, folk, classical, traditional and much much more.

Streaming has changed the business of music has changed forever.  None of the major streaming services have offices here so there is no one  within them championing our domestic music via their playlists.

Campaign 2:  PLAYIRISH – A new definition for Irish music for broadcasting purposes


What constitutes Irish music on Irish radio stations allows international artists to be played as supporting Irish music


IASCA has collated all the currant definitions and created a uniform definition we are asking Irish radio stations to adopt.

Current :     

PLAY IRISH Definition with the IBI for a decision by it’s members

Campaign 3.   YANGAROO MUSIC – professionally delivery service for independent music to the decision makers for airplay/review at Irish media and to the  indepednet pomoters, venues, and festivals in Ireland.


To improve how the independent community deliver their music to media to compete with major label artists who already digitally deliver their music


The Service is launched, and working well.

We have recently worked with the RTE Choice Music Prize to provide a listening library for the Judges.


We have just launched a new destination so you can send your music to Irish Promoters, Venues and Festivals…