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Sunday, 21 October 2018

A Message from IASCA Founding Chairman

Every association needs a mission statement. It's what defines you in the eyes of the world and it's something that's always there to remind you of the work that needs to be done and, more importantly, the reason you started doing it in the first place. When we started out here at IASCA, myself and the rest of the members of the board spent a long time working on what ours should say. The word mission. In some ways, it's a heavy word, it carries a lot of fire and purpose and seems to communicate some kind of destination, the kind of things that can easily trip you up. It took a lot of finessing. In the end it should be about inspiring people. I think our mission statement says exactly what it should.

"IASCA's goal is to represent the makers of music and lyrics of all genres in Ireland, support them, protect their interests and create an environment in which new talent can thrive."

The issue that exercises the makers of music in this country above all others is equitable airplay for Irish artists and that's why we've made it our number one priority for the last year. It's been an issue for so long that by definition you tend to find yourself dealing with deeply entrenched positions on all sides. We've explored many different avenues to tackle this issue, some of which have shown some encouraging signs and others, not at all.

However, we've finally come up with a strategy about which we're very excited and which we feel could see real results in providing our artists the access to the airwaves that they - you - have long desired and deserved.

We're very much at the beginning of a process but, like all the best beginnings, this one looks very promising.

However, let's not forget our mission statement. Let's not forget "the makers of music". You're the reason we do this. We need you to be a part of this process and to stand behind us when we represent you to the people who can make these changes. Because above all what we're trying to do is inspire change and when it comes to inspiration we know that's what you do best.

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  • My father had a wonderful store of music. I remember him telling me he would walk seven miles and do a day's work to learn a tune.

    Sean O'Riada
  • The pipes call and raise the spirit. They also quieten and open up the daydream part of people.

    Seamus Heaney
  • I can't give up on the idea that it is possible to do something that people haven't heard before, to some degree, in some modest way, you know. And that's still what motivates me. I don't want to be like all those other wankers.

    Cathal Coughlan
  • There was a time when I read everything I could get my hands on because I was looking to find out what this is – is anybody writing about this energy? And not really. There's not really anyone that can describe the energy, really. It's shamanistic or whatever, and that's where I'm at with the healing thing. If I was living in another time, another era, another century, or way back when, then that's what I would be. Witch doctor, whatever you want... that's really what it is.

    Van Morrison
  • I think the way you can use music to educate people can make a change. That's what Marley did. I see myself as a student of his. He educated me through his lyrics, said things that you wouldn't hear on the news.

    Damien Dempsey


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